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Drawer and performance drawer

Photo: Dai Zhen Chew

Zhen is an interactive performance artist who creates artwork through stop motion and tablet animations. She has shown work locally, interstate and internationally, including at Federation Square in Melbourne, the Gallery of NSW, Frankston Arts Centre, Chic Art Fair (Paris), and Pvonk Gallery (Berlin). Zhen recently won a Youth Arts artsHub award and has been a finalist in the National Works on Paper and Dobell Drawing Prizes. She has a Masterʼs Degree in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Visual Arts and an Honours Degree Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University.

Zhen’s work explores visual perception as it relates to the understanding of self and identity. Zhen has been an advocate for dyslexia awareness, and began exploring the link between drawing and memory as a way of understanding her own dyslexia.

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Eddie Ink

Singer, songwriter, speaker

Photo: Eddie Ink

Eddie Ink is an exquisite and insightful songwriter. He captivates audiences with his finely crafted lyrics and guitar skills. He discovered songwriting as part of Wild at Heart’s workshops over the past few years, building on a long background in theatre, television and creative writing.

Eddie also has a considerable backstory in mental illness and addiction.  His story was told in the Griffith Review journal’s edition on community arts and cultural development in a writing collaboration with Wild at Heart Artistic Director, Phil Heuzenroeder.  You can read this at You can also see Eddie’s recent music video clip of “I’m Here”

Walter Kadiki Photo: Walter Kadiki

A leading Deaf poet

Walter is a master of weaving signed poetry and visual vernacular into poetic performance. He is known for his profound and engaging signed poetry and storytelling that bridges cultures and is accessible to deaf and hearing audiences.

Weave Movement Theatre

Film: Will you go round with me?

Weave Movement Theatre is a diverse and ambitious Melbourne based dance and theatre performance company comprising people with and without disabilities. Weave formed in 1997 through an Arts Access project and throughout the past 18 years has created 15 original stage works under the artistic direction of Janice Florence, a dance artist with a disability. Weave combines dance, physical theatre, spoken word and humour to create bold groundbreaking performances, subverting audiences’ expectations and challenging conventional ways of seeing dance and disability.

Will you go round with me? explores intimate moments in public spaces. The film is a kinetic expression of private/public, connection/disconnection and understanding/misunderstanding. A small moment out of the daily grind, a capsule of escape.

Photo: Weave Movement TheatreChoreographer: Kat Worth

Cinematography: Alta Truden

Performers: Emily Ardley, David Baker, Trevor Dunn, Janice Florence, Karen Veldhuizen, Melanie Keely, Greg Muir, Ryan New, Emma Norton, Leisa Prowd, Anthony Riddell and Melinda Smith

Composer: Stephanie Harrison

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Cover photo attribution

Leslie Holding – Checkered Flowers, 2010 – acrylic on paper, 42 x 59 cm
The Cunningham Dax Collection

The Cunningham Dax Collection, which is part of The Dax Centre, consists of over 15,000 artworks created by people who have an experience of mental illness and/or psychological trauma.