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What happens when clients have non-functional literacy? How to empower clients and create a more equitable society

Cathy Basterfield


Practising gratitude: it’s different when it shapes your life

Susan Banks


Which rights are right? Leveraging consumer rights to support citizenship and human rights under the NDIS

Aviva Beecher Kelk


What factors contribute to situations of genuine inclusion for people with disabilities?

Katie Butler


Real and meaningful work: private employers’ concerns and the enforcement of the quota-levy scheme for persons with disabilities

Ru-Shian Hsieh


Disability laws in developing countries: special emphasis on India

Tushar Khanna


The application of universal design principle to increase service efficacy within hospital public zone

Charanya Phaholthep, Associate Professor Antika Sawadsri & Dr Henry Skates


Career access through diversity – empowering people with disability

Dilani Rasanayagam & David Eckstein


A silent revolution: the formation, development and challenges of the national self-advocacy alliance

Yu-Yu Wang, Hui-Fang Lin, Hsin-Chun Lin & Ya-Yu Kao

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Cover photo attribution

Leslie Holding – Checkered Flowers, 2010 – acrylic on paper, 42 x 59 cm
The Cunningham Dax Collection

The Cunningham Dax Collection, which is part of The Dax Centre, consists of over 15,000 artworks created by people who have an experience of mental illness and/or psychological trauma.